Programming and implementation

Please find below the general characteristics of the organization of general and esp private and group courses in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian as well as general and esp Greek courses for foreigners.


Courses in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Greek for foreigners.


  • Short-term courses

  • Regular courses

  • Long-term courses

Plan for courses implementation

  • Regular courses

  • Intensive courses

  • Accelerated courses

Recommended collaboration based on the needs and requirements of those interested.

Individuals or groups Courses

TOTAL HOURS 30-60-90-120


  1. Choice to attend esp (English for specific purposes) courses

  2.  Individual or group courses up to 12 people.

  3. Operational procedures.

  4. At most 15 days interval between programming and implementation.

  5. Teacher Plan

  6. Prior to the start of the lessons <<OXFORD GJT®>> assess student knowledge through placement tests

  7. Regular student assessment print-outs.

  8. Final report upon completion of course.

  9. Final examinations at the end of the course leading to the foreign language certificate upon request.


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